Artist Statement
Sandy Belock-Phippen

To paint is not to represent, but to penetrate, to go to the heart of the secret, to work in a way to reflect the interior image

The process of painting has always been for me a way of observing the world in a focused and concentrated way. By painting and drawing I endeavor to see more intensely and uniquely and strive to distill, translate and share these perceptions.

Painting celebrates the simplicity and profound beauty of what is real and truthful. It triggers a deep visual investigation of the simplest subject to reveal the immense beauty of the ordinary. In turn, painting the commonplace endows it with a dignity & monumentality it deserves.

In this process I also have an opportunity to discover and explore the tactile beauty and rich nature of the medium. Ideally, the thing painted and the paint itself become as one, and convey something real and true about both.

By painting I strive to interpret and understand reality more profoundly, The process is informed by the temporal and hopefully reveals to others that discovery. Each painting becomes a record of a moment, a dialogue between the temporal and the eternal. Ideally the work achieves an independence of identity that begins to transcend the specifics of its creation.